National Association of Marriage Enhancement

5 Free Resources

Walk in Power

Description: Jesus walked in such power that at the end He could say, “It is finished;”He earned the description of “Faithful and True.” That same power is ours, if we are willing.

  • 1-The Lame Take the Prey
  • 2-Keep the Cup
  • 3-Set the Seal

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From Natural to Supernatural

Description: What is keeping you from moving into the supernatural in your life? Self-afflicted boundaries? Self-placed hurdles? We all need to develop intimacy with God by discerning His voice while diminishing the voice of the enemy.

  • 1-Moving from Natural to Supernatural
  • 2-Supernatural Covenant
  • 3-Supernaturally Comparable VS. Naturally Compared
  • 4-Supernatural Role of Priest

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Great Shall Be Your Peace

Description: Do you seek peace in your life?  Do you have only some peace and only in certain circumstance? Are you looking for peace that enables you to live a life of distinction?

  • 1-How Not to Worry
  • 2-Peace in God is Excitement
  • 3-Peace in the Storms

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Living Stress Free

Description: Most couples today are stressed out – out of time, out of money, out of energy, out of options – simply put – they are overloaded.  Learn how to tap into the power of reserve, understanding how to always have a little left over.  This teaching will give you powerful keys to reducing stress and increasing your reserves instead of being depleted, you’ll feel completed!

  • 1-Overcoming Overload
  • 2-Living Stress Free

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Bold Strong Marriage

Description: Boldness and gentleness can go together, and any couple can learn how to use stress in marriage to develop strengths that they didn’t even know they could have. Learn how to build a blessed relationship for the long run, and in the long run, you will be blessed, and the blessings of God will surprise you and may even overtake you!

  • 1. Boldness is a Blessing
  • 2. Stressed for Strength 
  • 3. Dressed & Blessed

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