National Association of Marriage Enhancement

14 Apr

Your Spiritual Hygiene in Marriage: Clean or Dirty?

When Jesus came to earth, he spent most of his time ministering to two groups of people: 1) the sinners and 2) the Pharisees. The sinners were more evidently sinful, but the Pharisees acted like they were living sinless lives and in doing so were very sinful. They were pompous and arrogant. They believed they […]


21 Jan

4 Times to Hit the Pause Button in Marriage

Do you remember the movie Click with Adam Sandler? The premise was that Sandler’s character was given a remote control that could rewind, pause, fast forward, and control his life. Despite the corniness, there were some great messages about living in the moment with your spouse and family. While we don’t have a magic remote […]


30 Oct

Hidden Landmines You Don’t Anticipate in Marriage

BOOM. Instantaneously, a once thriving marital relationship can be wrought by horrific, deafening, mind-numbing pain. Your marriage is hemorrhaging and the situation seems all together unmanageable. This is the reality of the landmines that frequently explode in marriages just like yours… and the reality is there are some pains that you cannot anticipate ahead of […]


28 Jul

What Lies Beneath Marital Discord

It is extremely common for people to feel blindsided by marital betrayal or discord. They feel like the problem shockingly erupted like a dormant volcano; however, the volcano was already there with its molten lava bubbling beneath the surface. And quite frankly, even if both spouses are unaware of what’s brewing, the mountain can still […]


14 Jul

The 5 No-Nonsense Keys to Marital Reconciliation

If you are in need of marital reconciliation, there are probably many factors that got you to this point. Most crises don’t happen overnight. In the same way, reconciliation doesn’t tend to happen overnight; it requires work and dedication. There are many key factors that influence reconciliation, and many of these are counter-cultural to what […]


23 Jun

How to Avoid Friendly Fire in Marriage

Some of the most heartbreaking war stories are those of death by friendly fire. Friendly fire is a military term for when two allied or same-side forces misidentify one another as hostile or the enemy and fire— often wounding or killing a friendly officer. Imagine the devastation a soldier feels when he realized he injured […]


11 Jun

Abraham or Jerry Springer?

Abraham, the father of the faith, our patriarch, is one of the most flawed biblical characters. In fact, Jerry Springer would probably love to get Abraham and Sarah on the show because the drama and betrayal that describes much of their marriage would send ratings through the roof. Abraham slept with Sarah’s maid with her […]


9 Jun

The Newlywed Roller Coaster

I am a newlywed. I have a lot of newlywed friends, and I have an announcement. The newlywed myth, the one that says every newlywed marriage is a walk in the park, is a BIG, FAT LIE. Don’t get me wrong. I love my marriage, and I still recommend marriage wholeheartedly. However, as a culture, we need […]


27 Mar


Dear NAME, My husband and I love each other very much, but if I am honest, we fight a lot. Every time we are in an important discussion and disagree. It quickly turns into yelling and saying things that we both really don’t mean. We are very passionate in our love but also in our […]