National Association of Marriage Enhancement

30 Mar

5 Free Resources

Walk in Power Description: Jesus walked in such power that at the end He could say, “It is finished;”He earned the description of “Faithful and True.” That same power is ours, if we are willing. 1-The Lame Take the Prey 2-Keep the Cup 3-Set the Seal Download HERE From Natural to Supernatural Description: What is […]


20 Nov

IMC 20 Highlights, Testimonies & Recaps

The 20th International Marriage Conference was an incredible time! IMC 20 was the largest conference in the last ten years, and it was the second largest of all time. God did amazing things in the lives of those who attended. Listen to a few of these testimonies that we received: “My husband and I divorced a […]


27 Jul

Ashley Madison & The Hidden Online World

You may have heard in recent news about the Ashley Madison hack. Ashley Madison is an online dating site created specifically with the intent for married individuals to find a partner to have an affair with. Their slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.” This is clearly a despicable company. It turns out others felt […]


14 May

Family is not Enough, Family is Not Everything

Family is not everything. It is an unpopular message, but it is truth. God first created the family unit. In the Garden, God sanctioned the first marriage and then asked them to multiply and have children. Family is close to the heart of God, and it was priority for him to introduce it first to […]


5 May

NAME Missions: Uganda Trip

In April, NAME director Molly Godzich and her two daughters, Bethany and Christy, traveled to Uganda to do missions work. Molly represented NAME’s heart for the people of Uganda. Many of you know NAME’s long history of ministry in Uganda; Pastor Leo Godzich had passed away there during a ministry trip in 2011. We are […]


5 May

NAME Update

This month, NAME expanded by three new NAME centers! Welcome the following to our team: Without Walls Church in Mesa, Arizona, Centro de Vida Cristiana in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Petersburg First Assembly of God in Sutherland, Virginia. There are also a lot of NAME centers in training right now. NAME is growing! In […]


4 May

Marriage in America: Points to Pray for

May 7th is National Day of Prayer! If you haven’t heard of it, it is a day designated to praying for our nation, and our nation needs prayer. Since our organization is a marriage ministry, we wanted to give you some bullet points to pray for in regards to marriage in America. Please join us in […]


27 Apr

Takeaways from the Marriage Ministry Conference

This last week the Nilsens (my husband Matt and I, Emily) went to the Marriage Ministry Conference in Dallas, Texas to further learn and equip ourselves in marriage ministry and inspire our creativity as we continue to minister to couples. We had an excellent time and wanted to share some of the great takeaways from […]


14 Apr

Your Spiritual Hygiene in Marriage: Clean or Dirty?

When Jesus came to earth, he spent most of his time ministering to two groups of people: 1) the sinners and 2) the Pharisees. The sinners were more evidently sinful, but the Pharisees acted like they were living sinless lives and in doing so were very sinful. They were pompous and arrogant. They believed they […]


6 Apr

Cell Phones: Intimacy Killer or Relational Blessing?

Smart phones have now been a part of our normal lives for a long time now. If you don’t have one, you are in the minority. Those of us who do have them know how incredibly addictive they can be. It often feels like an extra body part, an extension of ourselves. We also know […]