National Association of Marriage Enhancement

4 May

Marriage in America: Points to Pray for

May 7th is National Day of Prayer! If you haven’t heard of it, it is a day designated to praying for our nation, and our nation needs prayer. Since our organization is a marriage ministry, we wanted to give you some bullet points to pray for in regards to marriage in America. Please join us in […]


27 Apr

Takeaways from the Marriage Ministry Conference

This last week the Nilsens (my husband Matt and I, Emily) went to the Marriage Ministry Conference in Dallas, Texas to further learn and equip ourselves in marriage ministry and inspire our creativity as we continue to minister to couples. We had an excellent time and wanted to share some of the great takeaways from […]


14 Apr

Your Spiritual Hygiene in Marriage: Clean or Dirty?

When Jesus came to earth, he spent most of his time ministering to two groups of people: 1) the sinners and 2) the Pharisees. The sinners were more evidently sinful, but the Pharisees acted like they were living sinless lives and in doing so were very sinful. They were pompous and arrogant. They believed they […]


6 Apr

Cell Phones: Intimacy Killer or Relational Blessing?

Smart phones have now been a part of our normal lives for a long time now. If you don’t have one, you are in the minority. Those of us who do have them know how incredibly addictive they can be. It often feels like an extra body part, an extension of ourselves. We also know […]


25 Mar

But the Bible Doesn’t Answer “OUR” Marriage Issues…

Oh man. This is a common thought, huh? It is not one that is vocalized often, but sometimes it sneakily creeps into the back of our minds. The Bible gives answers for many marriage issues, but when it comes down to specific situations, there are plenty of issues that have not been directly addressed in […]


17 Mar

The Unlucky Marriage

Luck (n.) things that happen to a person because of chance; the accidental way things happen without being planned  I think its funny how often our culture attaches luck to love. I love the song “Lucky I’m in Love With My Best Friend.” It is so cute and fun. The truth is most happy marriages […]


21 Jan

4 Times to Hit the Pause Button in Marriage

Do you remember the movie Click with Adam Sandler? The premise was that Sandler’s character was given a remote control that could rewind, pause, fast forward, and control his life. Despite the corniness, there were some great messages about living in the moment with your spouse and family. While we don’t have a magic remote […]


4 Dec

Marriage-Strengthening Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey, not everyone is great at gift giving, and that’s okay we all have different talents. Gift giving is not a competition, but with the right attitude, this gift-giving season can be a joyous time to experience the blessing of blessing one another. Let’s be honest. Christmas is often child-focused, which of course is a […]


3 Dec

Ministry Update

Hopefully, you were able to read last month’s “Ministry Update,” which outlined the amazing success of our International Marriage Conference (IMC) and Devoted Youth Conference.  One pastor said, “I pastor a small church and we took 26 people to conference (8 couples, 6 singles & 4 youth) and God ministered to ALL their needs.” Here […]


3 Dec

Christmas Lessons I Learned As a Child

Children are very impressionable, and Christmas is an incredible opportunity to maximize your child’s spiritual growth in an informal, intimate and natural way. Children love the excitement and fun that accompanies the Christmas season, so it is extremely memorable for them. That is why it is the perfect opportunity to ensure that your child is […]