National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Marriage-Strengthening Christmas Gift Ideas


Hey, not everyone is great at gift giving, and that’s okay we all have different talents. Gift giving is not a competition, but with the right attitude, this gift-giving season can be a joyous time to experience the blessing of blessing one another. Let’s be honest. Christmas is often child-focused, which of course is a wondrous and beautiful joy, but don’t let that joy make you skip out on the joy of thoughtfully giving to your wife or hubby. This year you might want to consider a gift that keeps on giving back, one that helps strengthen your marriage all year long! Here’s some of our ideas:

  • A Study Bible: If you aren’t studying the Bible with your spouse, you are missing out on some great “iron sharpens iron” relationship building. As you learn together, you become strong together.
  •  Something cute, fun, flirty, and sexy: Nothing wrong with some lingerie!
  • A Stack of Gift Cards: Didn’t make a whole lot of time for dates this year? Tell your spouse that you will in 2015 with a fun stack of gift cards to use throughout the year.
  • Marriage Conference: I know, it may seem shameless, but this is honestly an amazing Christmas gift. Ask anyone who has attended our 3-day International Marriage Conference in the fall! You get teaching from marriage experts and are able to spend a little time focusing on your special relationship. For a limited time, the registration for next year is only $90 per couple, a worthwhile investment.
  • The Book Loveology by John Mark Comer: Ladies, its hard to get men to read marriage books, huh? Well, my husband loved this one!
  • A “Missionsmoon”: We recently had friends who went on a missions trip for a delayed honeymoon. How creative! What a wonderful way to serve, evangelism and grow closer to Christ and each other in the process!
  • Massage Oil: Get her in the mood by doing something she loves. Massages may be the next way to springboard your physical intimacy.
  • Groupon: Have your dates become typical, boring and monotonous? Spice things up by trying out a new hobby by buying a fun date at a reduced rate. We have gone ice-skating, rock-climbing, on a hayride and to a museum. Thanks!
  • 12 Days of Christmas: One of our friends set up a pampering extravaganza; you guessed it, 12 heartfelt gifts for 12 days. They can be big or small. Doesn’t matter. It just shows you care.
  • NAME MP3s: These definitely won’t break the bank. Download them on your honey’s laptop and then print out little papers for stocking stuffers!
  • Scrapbook: Put together something sweet to remind you of where you came from. Terrible at crafting? Now they have online versions. Check out picaboo or snapfish.
  • Special Night Out: Remember when you dated to woo your spouse? That doesn’t have to stop. Buy tickets to a meaningful concert or a sports game!

Go beyond watches and necklaces, socks and scarves… Give something extra meaningful, something that will invest back into your marriage throughout the year!