National Association of Marriage Enhancement

17 Mar

The Unlucky Marriage

Luck (n.) things that happen to a person because of chance; the accidental way things happen without being planned  I think its funny how often our culture attaches luck to love. I love the song “Lucky I’m in Love With My Best Friend.” It is so cute and fun. The truth is most happy marriages […]


3 Dec

Christmas Lessons I Learned As a Child

Children are very impressionable, and Christmas is an incredible opportunity to maximize your child’s spiritual growth in an informal, intimate and natural way. Children love the excitement and fun that accompanies the Christmas season, so it is extremely memorable for them. That is why it is the perfect opportunity to ensure that your child is […]


30 Oct

Hidden Landmines You Don’t Anticipate in Marriage

BOOM. Instantaneously, a once thriving marital relationship can be wrought by horrific, deafening, mind-numbing pain. Your marriage is hemorrhaging and the situation seems all together unmanageable. This is the reality of the landmines that frequently explode in marriages just like yours… and the reality is there are some pains that you cannot anticipate ahead of […]


14 Jul

The 5 No-Nonsense Keys to Marital Reconciliation

If you are in need of marital reconciliation, there are probably many factors that got you to this point. Most crises don’t happen overnight. In the same way, reconciliation doesn’t tend to happen overnight; it requires work and dedication. There are many key factors that influence reconciliation, and many of these are counter-cultural to what […]


25 Jun

10 Things to Stop Controlling in Your Spouse

Are you a control freak? Do you love micro-managing your spouse? Some of us have a tendency to sin this way. Yes, I did say sin! God did not put you in your marriage to force or control the other person into a “better way” of living life. There is a big difference between being […]


23 Jun

How to Avoid Friendly Fire in Marriage

Some of the most heartbreaking war stories are those of death by friendly fire. Friendly fire is a military term for when two allied or same-side forces misidentify one another as hostile or the enemy and fire— often wounding or killing a friendly officer. Imagine the devastation a soldier feels when he realized he injured […]