National Association of Marriage Enhancement

20 Nov

IMC 20 Highlights, Testimonies & Recaps

The 20th International Marriage Conference was an incredible time! IMC 20 was the largest conference in the last ten years, and it was the second largest of all time. God did amazing things in the lives of those who attended. Listen to a few of these testimonies that we received: “My husband and I divorced a […]


27 Apr

Takeaways from the Marriage Ministry Conference

This last week the Nilsens (my husband Matt and I, Emily) went to the Marriage Ministry Conference in Dallas, Texas to further learn and equip ourselves in marriage ministry and inspire our creativity as we continue to minister to couples. We had an excellent time and wanted to share some of the great takeaways from […]


19 Sep

30 Thoughts Everyone Has at a Marriage Conference

You think we don’t know what you are thinking, but we totally do. You are not alone. “Alright, we are here… That seat in the back looks good, but maybe I’ll get more for my money by sitting in the front.” “Why did this couple sit directly next to us? Uh there is a lot […]