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30 Thoughts Everyone Has at a Marriage Conference


You think we don’t know what you are thinking, but we totally do. You are not alone.

  1. “Alright, we are here… That seat in the back looks good, but maybe I’ll get more for my money by sitting in the front.”
  2. “Why did this couple sit directly next to us? Uh there is a lot of room in this aisle buddy.”
  3. “Oh hey, I recognize that couple. Maybe I should say hi… or maybe I shouldn’t maybe they are here for some ‘me time.’”
  4. “Oh wait, maybe they think we are here for some ‘me time.’ Aw… act normal, act normal, act normal.”
  5. “My spouse is quiet… maybe suspiciously quiet. I wonder what he/she is thinking right now.”
  6. “I’m awesome for going to this. My friends definitely wouldn’t go. Good for me.”
  7. “Whoa, that person over there takes a lot of notes. Maybe I should take notes. Where is my pen?”
  8. “I forgot my pen.”
  9. “Haha, this speaker is hilarious. That is so my spouse in that situation.”
  10. “Text message from the babysitter again. I know for a fact I told her the wifi password.”
  11. “Wow, this speaker is hitting me to my core. That is so me in that situation.”
  12. “I feel like I’m gonna cry. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.”
  13. “Haha, look at that person crying. Snot EVERY where.”
  14. “Oh cool, it’s over. Come back tomorrow? Yeah, okay, cool that wasn’t that bad.”
  15. “Oh wait, another person is getting on stage… to tell us to go home and have sex tonight.”
  16. “Man, there are a lot of people giggling awkwardly”/”Man, I wish I wasn’t giggling awkwardly right now.”
  17. “Alright, morning time. I’m exhausted. Let’s get this going.”
  18. “Wow, they are definitely getting it going… where’s my pen? Where’s my pen?… seriously!”
  19. “Haha, this guy’s got the jokes.”
  20. “My spouse looks cute laughing. Maybe I should hold my spouse’s hand.”
  21. “This is pretty cool. We haven’t done this in a while.”
  22. “Time to choose a workshop. Hey, that sounds pretty good.”
  23. “That WAS pretty good… but even better, LUNCH time!”
  24. “Got here early so might as well look around the exhibition booths.”
  25. “WHOA, that’s a lot of stuff. Hmm, I’ll get a couple. What’s on sale?”
  26. “Alright. Here we go again with the deep speakers.”
  27. “Ok. Honestly, I seriously needed to hear this.”
  28. “Is that a tear in my spouse’s eye?… Is that a tear welling up in my own eye?”
  29. “I need to be treating my spouse better. From now on I will…”
  30. “This has honestly been a super worthwhile weekend. I am glad I came.”

Marriage conferences can be scary to the first time attendee because of the fear of the unknown. We get that, but trust us when we say that marriage conferences are incredibly worth it. It is an investment with a great rate of return. Conferences might have silly stereotypes, but ultimately, they inspire us into better living together.

Haven’t been to one? Haven’t been to one in a while? Check out Unbreakable Love, the 19th International Marriage Conference, October 9th-11th in Phoenix, AZ. Learn more and register here.