National Association of Marriage Enhancement

31 Jul

Zero Shades of Gray

You probably have heard of the bestselling book and the upcoming movie, 50 Shades of Grey, a story that hundreds of thousands of women have read fantasizing about the character Christian Grey. The book is about an explicit, detailed, sexual awakening including but not limited to strong elements of sadomasochism. This story is PORNOGRAPHIC, and […]


19 May

Your Wife Is Not a Porn Star

The reality is that every person goes into marriage with expectations, and sex generally has the most ideas, anticipations and fantasies for what may be. The problem is that what we may have seen, read or heard about before marriage is not realistic. The cold hard fact is that most everyone has seen some sort […]


6 May

10 Marriage Lessons from Mom

It’s Mothers day this week, and we are all reflecting what a wonderful part of life our moms are. I too am thinking about what a great heritage I came from. (My mom is Molly Godzich, executive director and co-founder of NAME). I am pretty lucky! It is awesome to be able to keep gleaning […]