National Association of Marriage Enhancement

30 Oct

Hidden Landmines You Don’t Anticipate in Marriage

BOOM. Instantaneously, a once thriving marital relationship can be wrought by horrific, deafening, mind-numbing pain. Your marriage is hemorrhaging and the situation seems all together unmanageable. This is the reality of the landmines that frequently explode in marriages just like yours… and the reality is there are some pains that you cannot anticipate ahead of […]


25 Aug

Your Spouse is Not the Most Important Person in Your Life

You read that correctly. Your spouse is not the most important person in your life. If your spouse is in the number 1 spot, you better move him or her down to number 2, or else your priority structure will lead to dysfunction. I know this seems counter-intuitive. You may be thinking, “but my marriage […]


11 Jun

Abraham or Jerry Springer?

Abraham, the father of the faith, our patriarch, is one of the most flawed biblical characters. In fact, Jerry Springer would probably love to get Abraham and Sarah on the show because the drama and betrayal that describes much of their marriage would send ratings through the roof. Abraham slept with Sarah’s maid with her […]