National Association of Marriage Enhancement

27 Oct

Why the World Still Needs Good Dads

There are many societal issues that continue to be redefined again and again. Laws change. Morals shift. Ideologies alter from generation to generation. Yet, there are some things that people everywhere can universally agree on. I believe one of those is the value of fatherhood. 24 million children in America live in biological father absent […]


7 Aug

Dear NAME, My Wife Doesn’t Do Enough Around the House

Dear NAME, When we got married, I expected that my wife would keep a tidy house, and when she became a stay at home mom, I expected that our kids would be well behaved. But when I get home from work, I consistently disappointed by unmade beds and disobedient children. If I did this type […]


25 Jun

10 Things to Stop Controlling in Your Spouse

Are you a control freak? Do you love micro-managing your spouse? Some of us have a tendency to sin this way. Yes, I did say sin! God did not put you in your marriage to force or control the other person into a “better way” of living life. There is a big difference between being […]


27 Mar

Respect the Man-Card

You know what is weird? A lot of women try to turn their man into another one of the girls. And honestly, I too am guilty of this. I know what you are thinking: “How in the world do you do that?” I love to stay home; he loves to go out. I consistently ask […]