National Association of Marriage Enhancement

25 Jun

10 Things to Stop Controlling in Your Spouse

Are you a control freak? Do you love micro-managing your spouse? Some of us have a tendency to sin this way. Yes, I did say sin! God did not put you in your marriage to force or control the other person into a “better way” of living life. There is a big difference between being […]


2 Jun

Father’s Day Should Get More Credit

Moms are wonderful, incredible and vital to a child’s growth, but dads are just as wonderful, incredible and vital! We at NAME hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day last month, and urge you to not overlook Father’s Day this month! Sometimes moms get all the credit, and while they deserve plenty of praise and […]


19 May

Your Wife Is Not a Porn Star

The reality is that every person goes into marriage with expectations, and sex generally has the most ideas, anticipations and fantasies for what may be. The problem is that what we may have seen, read or heard about before marriage is not realistic. The cold hard fact is that most everyone has seen some sort […]


27 Mar

Respect the Man-Card

You know what is weird? A lot of women try to turn their man into another one of the girls. And honestly, I too am guilty of this. I know what you are thinking: “How in the world do you do that?” I love to stay home; he loves to go out. I consistently ask […]