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Father’s Day Should Get More Credit

fathersdayMoms are wonderful, incredible and vital to a child’s growth, but dads are just as wonderful, incredible and vital! We at NAME hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day last month, and urge you to not overlook Father’s Day this month! Sometimes moms get all the credit, and while they deserve plenty of praise and pampering, we cannot ignore the father’s role in a child’s life. Yes, men do not typically respond well to flowers, manicures or a fancy brunch, but think out of the box! Loving generosity does not give based on its own understanding. It tries to grasp how to best bless the object of its affection. Dad might love a round of golf, a baseball game, or the new X-Men movie.

I have witnessed many families who decidedly are apathetic about Father’s Day but still momentously celebrate Mother’s Day. The excuse is usually that he does not like to be pampered, but rather than thinking “pampering,” think of it as an opportunity to have fun in the way your husband likes to have fun. Yes, often, wives have the chance to do more of the day-to-day parenting since still husbands tend to be the “breadwinners.” However, the husband still carries large responsibilities in regard to parenting and spiritually leading the household. How about this Father’s Day we give the dads some more credit? Let’s vow to make it a fun day for them!

Ladies, use this as a chance to build up your husbands. Let them know they are appreciated for all they do. Although, most men will not admit their need for recognition, they do acknowledge their need for respect. Part of respect is giving him the recognition and honor he deserves. Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are great opportunities for your children to glean the importance of serving and blessing one another in marriage. You have the opportunity to show your children how to respect and give honor. You have the opportunity to create an atmosphere in your home that your husband is excited to come home to! Be thankful for Father’s Day and the opportunity to cheerfully give!