National Association of Marriage Enhancement

27 Oct

Why the World Still Needs Good Dads

There are many societal issues that continue to be redefined again and again. Laws change. Morals shift. Ideologies alter from generation to generation. Yet, there are some things that people everywhere can universally agree on. I believe one of those is the value of fatherhood. 24 million children in America live in biological father absent […]


24 Oct

Dear Husband, You Will Never Complete Me

I love you, but you don’t complete me. In fact, you will never complete me. You are not actually my other half. You can never be that for me. Whoa. That seems harsh, but in reality, it is actually the marking of a very healthy relationship. “You complete me” may be one of your favorite […]


21 Oct

Why a Works-Based Perspective Exhausts Your Marriage

If you are Protestant, you have probably heard that salvation is based on faith not works. However, as many times as we say it, we often don’t embrace what this means for our daily lives. Rather than trying to live right and do the right thing through solely our own strength, we need to submit […]


17 Oct

Same-sex Marriage Legalized and What This Means for NAME Centers

October 17th, 2014, the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriage.  State Attorney General Tom Horne subsequently announced that he would not appeal the district court’s ruling, thus making same-sex marriage legal immediately in the state of Arizona. The ruling by U.S. District Judge John Sedwick prohibits Arizona state […]


19 Sep

30 Thoughts Everyone Has at a Marriage Conference

You think we don’t know what you are thinking, but we totally do. You are not alone. “Alright, we are here… That seat in the back looks good, but maybe I’ll get more for my money by sitting in the front.” “Why did this couple sit directly next to us? Uh there is a lot […]


25 Aug

Your Spouse is Not the Most Important Person in Your Life

You read that correctly. Your spouse is not the most important person in your life. If your spouse is in the number 1 spot, you better move him or her down to number 2, or else your priority structure will lead to dysfunction. I know this seems counter-intuitive. You may be thinking, “but my marriage […]


7 Aug

Dear NAME, My Wife Doesn’t Do Enough Around the House

Dear NAME, When we got married, I expected that my wife would keep a tidy house, and when she became a stay at home mom, I expected that our kids would be well behaved. But when I get home from work, I consistently disappointed by unmade beds and disobedient children. If I did this type […]


31 Jul

Zero Shades of Gray

You probably have heard of the bestselling book and the upcoming movie, 50 Shades of Grey, a story that hundreds of thousands of women have read fantasizing about the character Christian Grey. The book is about an explicit, detailed, sexual awakening including but not limited to strong elements of sadomasochism. This story is PORNOGRAPHIC, and […]


28 Jul

What Lies Beneath Marital Discord

It is extremely common for people to feel blindsided by marital betrayal or discord. They feel like the problem shockingly erupted like a dormant volcano; however, the volcano was already there with its molten lava bubbling beneath the surface. And quite frankly, even if both spouses are unaware of what’s brewing, the mountain can still […]


14 Jul

The 5 No-Nonsense Keys to Marital Reconciliation

If you are in need of marital reconciliation, there are probably many factors that got you to this point. Most crises don’t happen overnight. In the same way, reconciliation doesn’t tend to happen overnight; it requires work and dedication. There are many key factors that influence reconciliation, and many of these are counter-cultural to what […]