National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Bored in Marriage? Here’s our No Excuses – 99 Dates Checklist:

SONY DSCOne of the explanations people use as a reason for their affair is that they are bored in their marriage. Sometimes routines can feel overwhelmingly mundane. Many people are stuck in a rut in the way the date their spouse, continually picking the same restaurant or activity. Maybe lately you have felt bored with your spouse.  This Valentine’s Day commit to choosing some new fun dates off this list and have fun with your spouse, your best friend, in 2014. Some may seem expensive, but get creative. Check or for deals on local activities! Another way to save money is to cook a cheap dinner at home and then go out for activities. This list is only the beginning of the many options out there!

Check it out! How many of these have you done?

Artsy Dates

  1. Local Festival
  2. Concert
  3. Local Theater Production
  4. Pottery
  5. Painting Class
  6. Opera
  7. Art Gallery
  8. Ballet
  9. Karaoke
  10. Make a Craft Found on Pinterest
  11. Take a DIY Class at Your Local Michaels or Home Depot
  12. Dance Class
  13. Get a Professional Photo Shoot

Nature-Lover Dates

  1. Walk Through a Local Garden
  2. Feed Ducks
  3. Take a Scenic Drive
  4. Bird-Watching
  5. Go to an Orchard or Pumpkin Patch
  6. Plant a Garden
  7. Go to a Zoo
  8. Go to an Aquarium
  9. Wake Early and Watch the Sunrise
  10. Go to the Beach
  11. Stargazing

Adventurous Dates

  1. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town
  2. Go Horse Back Riding
  3. Camping
  4. Fishing
  5. Go to a Shooting Range
  6. Get Lost in a Corn Maze
  7. Skydiving
  8. Go Carts
  9. Rent a Boat or Jet ski
  10. Paintball
  11. Plan a Dream Vacation & Figure Out How to Save For It
  12. Get Sparklers & Fireworks
  13. Try to Break a Guinness World Record
  14. Tour a Factory
  15. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Foodie Dates

  1. Make homemade Sushi or Pasta
  2. Cooking Class
  3. Picnic in the Park
  4. Check Out a Farmers Market
  5. Bake & Decorate Cookies or a Cake Together
  6. Split a Milkshake
  7. Dinner Cruise

Stay Fit Dates

  1. Hiking
  2. Biking
  3. Golfing
  4. Batting Cage
  5. Water Park
  6. A Trampoline Place (ie. Jumpstreet)
  7. Ice Skating
  8. Rock Climbing
  9. Walk/Run a 5k or Train for a Marathon
  10. Go Skiing or Snowboarding
  11. Go to a Fitness Class
  12. Learn a New Sport

Classic Dates

  1. Bowling
  2. Roller Rink
  3. Ride the Ferris Wheel at the State Fair
  4. Mini Golf
  5. Get Tickets to a Sporting Event
  6. Build a Snowman & Make Snow Angels
  7. Go to a Drive In Movie
  8. Check Out a (Clean) Comedy Club

Intellectual Dates

  1. Visit a Museum
  2. Spend the Afternoon Picking Out Books at the Library
  3. Attend a Local College Lecture
  4. Go to a Political Rally or a Town Hall Meeting
  5. Go to a Book Signing
  6. Take a Class at a Local Community College
  7. Learn a New Language Together

Relaxing Dates

  1. Grab Some Coffee and Conversation
  2. Couples Massage
  3. Better Yet, Massage Each Other
  4. Fly a Kite
  5. Stay in and Complete a Puzzle
  6. Stay in and Color, Draw or Paint
  7. Explore Local Model Homes

Cheap Dates

  1. Volunteer For a Cause Together
  2. Go to an Auction
  3. Go Thrift or Antique Shopping
  4. Go to a Local Auto Show
  5. Check out Garage Sales
  6. Research Free City Events on Federal Holidays
  7. Casually Walk Around Walmart and Look for the Craziest Items
  8. Taste Test the Food at Costco or Sam’s Club

Kid at Heart Dates

  1. Sledding in the Snow
  2. Board Game Night
  3. Laser Tag
  4. Swing at the Local Playground
  5. Play at an Arcade
  6. Build a Blanket Fort
  7. Plan a Photo Scavenger Hunt with Other Couple Friends
  8. Themed Restaurants (Ex: Medieval Times or Rainforest Café)
  9. Tie-dye T-shirts
  10. Water Gun or Nerf Gun Fight
  11. Learn Magic Tricks