National Association of Marriage Enhancement


Sadly, research says that only 28% of U.S. churches offer classes on marriage! However, with every ‘problem’ there is a solution.


We have an exciting opportunity to be a part of a growing campaign to strengthen marriages by having churches across the country launch a marriage class or event during National Marriage Week USA, February 7-14.  Just like fireworks happening all over the U.S.A. on July 4th, we want to see every town, village and church in America celebrating National Marriage Week USA during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day!  It is easy, simple, and a natural way to grow your church.  Now is the time to plan ahead. (For more information about National Marriage Week USA, please visit


“The decline of marriage is our most neglected national emergency,” reported a recent TIME magazine commentary, citing a drop in marriage rates (79% of U.S. adults married in 1970; down to 52% recently), and 41% of U.S. babies now born outside of marriage.  Plus, marriage is the unsung anti-poverty program.  If we had the marriage rates today that we had in 1970, we’d have 25% less poverty.  If you finish high school, work fulltime, and wait until after age 21 for marriage and childbearing, you have only a 2% chance of poverty. If you don’t do these three things, you have a 77% chance of poverty.


NAME and National Marriage Week USA is calling all churches to launch a marriage class (please visit for teaching curriculum) or host a special marriage outreach event during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day; and for all pastors to preach and teach about marriage on the Sunday closest to Valentine’s Day. The focus is a positive message about how to help couples have more success and to promote the benefits of marriage (see 4-minute video and Research at or visit for 200+ hours of free teachings on marriage and family).


National Marriage Week USA now hosts the only online national calendar for all marriage classes and events all over the country.  Please POST (it’s free) whatever you are offering on this online national marriage calendar to maximize this powerful grass roots movement, which was featured twice on national TV last February.  This campaign works to get the word out that there are places for couples all over the nation to find help for their marriages, or reach out and help others, listed on a state by state basis.


Reaching out to help marriages WILL grow your church!  National Marriage Week USA has a new downloadable CAMPAIGN EVENT KIT, which will:

  • Give you a variety of ideas for existing, trusted and easy-to-use curricula, study guides or DVDs, and
  • Explain how to get yourself covered in local media or on radio, plus more useful tips and tools.

Please get this helpful KIT at


IDEAS FOR WHAT YOU CAN DO for National Marriage Week USA!


Thank you for joining forces on this inspiring national campaign one week a year!