National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Testimonies from IMC18

Read just a few inspiring testimonies from this year’s IMC and then watch the video testimony of the Adiarte family:


“My wife and I were stuck in a silent spot in our marriage. We did not know how to communicate with each other any more. We were given the tools to bring the life back into our marriage and now not only talk each and every day but we also laugh and enjoy each other.”


“This is our third year attending the NAME conference and it was by far the best I have been to… God moved and gave me a new and deeper passion to see marriages restored in our community by opening a NAME Center. My husband and I are both so excited to begin this journey with NAME.“


“We traveled from Connecticut, and will do it again. The whole conference was more than I could have imagined. I have never had so many choices in a conference before; it was amazingly put together. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“We have been counseling a couple and mentoring a couple that two years ago committed adultery. God did a miracle in their lives, and this year they came to the conference. They also want to help couples and some day have a NAME center.”


“We prayed over a couple at the altar that was severely broken from California. They reconciled and forgave each other and kissed and hugged. I’m a CMS (a NAME certified marriage specialist) for life. God is AWESOME!”

Adiarte Family Testimony: