National Association of Marriage Enhancement

What’s New – August, 2013

Here is an update for the first half of 2013! God has been doing great things! To Him be all the glory! And thanks to all our supporters who fund the work of the ministry!

Molly spoke at the Dream Conference, the Healing Conference, the Phoenix City Council against the “Bathroom Bill,” the Christian Worker for Christ luncheon, multiple times in Uganda, in England and at the opening of a new NAME center in Scotland. She also represented us at the March for Marriage in DC.

There have been 10 NEW NAME centers launched in 2013 already, as well as 59 new Certified Marriage specialists (CMS). The NAME Marriage app has shot off with more than 1500 downloads, the Mighty Men app was launched, and (our free web streaming of marriage teachings) has been growing successfully. We launched a new more user-friendly version of Also the CMS training is now available online. Our online web store ( now offers MP3 downloads for a reduced rate! Lastly, the NAME facebook continues to expand with 700 more followers just this year. We are almost at the 5000 mark.

The best part is we still have much more upcoming! New resources, the International Marriage Conference and much more! Please stay in touch with us, and if God puts us on your heart, we would be grateful for your prayerful and financial support.

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