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Pintrest Problems

Have you been on Pintrest? If you have been on for just five minutes, you have seen adorable family portraits, immaculate designer homes, and DIY projects that transform an old piece of junk into something straight out of a magazine. Pintrest is fun. It sucks you in and makes you think that everyone has fabulous lives and possessions. Your thoughts have probably been “Oo, I want that” or “I wish I had more money for that” or “If only my husband and I could look like those models.”

Don’t get me wrong. Pintrest is fun, but it also can really skew our expectations for what reality really is. Don’t let a fun leisure activity of clicking through web pages make you feel like your life is any less than it is. The danger of pintrest, magazines, shopping, etc, is that often it can lead us into discontentment with ourselves. You may not look like the skinny fit girl in the picture with the guy who had his hair styled for half an hour for the photo shoot. That is OK! Be happy with who God made you and who your husband is. You may not have the perfect expensive home, but thank God He has supplied you of your needs. You may have tried a DIY project or a recipe and failed miserably. Whatever! Laugh it off. It in no way is a requirement of being a good woman.

Pintrest is fun and often inspiring. Let it be just that. Don’t let it rob you of your joy, make you feel less than or covet others. God created you, and He said, “it was good.” Remember the qualities that are more important in being a wife such as: creating a warm, welcoming environment in the home, a sweet, generous spirit, and a life of worship that exudes into the fruits of the Spirit. The Proverbs 31 woman may sound like Wonder Woman, but what is important is that she has her priorities in order.  She does not keep a nice home or sell linens to impress others or “keep up with the Joneses;” rather she aims to be helpful and supportive to her husband and family. And above all else, she is a woman of “noble character” and “fears the Lord.”