National Association of Marriage Enhancement

What’s New

NAME offers so many ways to connect including some new ways! Find out if you are interacting with all of the free ways NAME offers.

1.      The Community Page on Sign up for free to talk on private forums about marriage related issues. This has great potential! We just need people like you to start interacting!

2.      The NAME marriage app has new free sermons on it! Have you downloaded it or checked it lately?

3. has free teaching videos specifically designed for marriage. All that you have to do is sign up!

4.      As always, NAME facebook and twitter actively updates helpful reminders and Godly truths. Check daily for new tips!

5.      Lastly, we wish we could make the International Marriage Conference free, but we have kept the cost low and have many discounts (including the early bird discount) so that more people can afford going to this year’s Ignite the Passion conference!

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