National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Testimony & NAME Center Update

One of our NAME centers gave us this testimony from a couple who was counseled by a NAME trained Certified Marriage Specialist. Names were removed to provide the couple anonymity.

“We were having a lot of problems in our marriage. We did not know how to communicate or know what it was like to spend time with each other; we were slowly drifting apart, and we became very distant from each other… We have kids together, and they are a handful so what we were doing was putting more time into our kids than our marriage… I called [the counselors]… It was so amazing how they can relate to the problems we were having. They were so easy to talk to, and they really made a difference in our marriage. They taught us how to communicate and how important it is to spend time with each other and how very important it is to pray and read the Word together and on our own. I thank God for [counselors] for being used by God to help save marriages because we are witnesses that God can and will save a marriage that is broken and falling apart.”

Congratulations to the 27 couples who re-certified; some for the first time and others for the 8th, 9th, and 10th times.  We are honored and blessed to be working side by side with you!

We would like to welcome and hold up for prayer the 10 new CMS couples who were certified in June (from Phoenix and Buckeye, AZ as well as Turlock, CA and Tulsa Oklahoma).

Special Greetings to the 2 new NAME Centers and CND’s who have joined the NAME Marriage Network.  Please welcome; Ken & Missy Shaw from Scottsdale, AZ and Pastor Michael and Rhonda Cooper from Tulsa, Oklahoma.