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Molly & Christy Return to Uganda

Molly4On June 24th Molly returned to Uganda, led by a calling of God and accompanied by her youngest daughter, Christy.  Molly spoke at a number of services at Saints Gate Church and also at a Pastor’s event in Kampala, Uganda.  She and Christy visited the Destiny Orphanage there in Kampala, which houses over 1500 children. 





christy2What a privilege it was to visit Destiny Orphanage. We got to play and love up on the kids from all ages. From the babies to Pre-schoolers, to Elementary kids and then High Schoolers (where Christyspoke). The need is so great with 1500+ kids. We brought toys and gifts. So thankful Pastor Leo Godzich caught the vision to be a part of this great work in Uganda and so glad I am able to continue to help. If you want to be a part of helping please go “like” the facebook page “Leo’s Kids”. Please check out just a few of the photos we wanted to share.” – Pastor Molly Godzich


Molly2“What a privilege to speak both last night and this morning at Saints Gate Church (with Pastor Evah Mugerwa). Both services were amazing! Particularly overwhelmed by the welcome this morning when I spoke to hundreds of Pastors and Bishops from all over Uganda who came to hear me speak. They honored me with awards and said they came to encourage me. They were so amazed that instead they were so encouraged and inspired by me (my message). What a tremendous humbling experience. They surely loved Pastor Leo Godzich and voiced what a great work he did to transform the marriages of Uganda! My heart is full and thankful.” – Pastor Molly Godzich




This is a blog posted by Christy Godzich on, from June 27, 2013:

Christy1Changed by Him

Well, my time here alone with my team has come to an end today as I was reunited with my mom here in Kampala. There has been so much change in perspective, and in me. God has spoken through his children and used them as a tool for me to grow and draw near to Him. I had three prayers to God at the beginning of this trip. I asked Him to break my heart for what breaks His, to change me by me changing others, and to be a fatherless witness to the fatherless. All of these prayers were answered in a 10 day period.Christy3 

First, He broke my heart when I played with a little girl in the slums using a piece of trash as a toy. He broke my heart as I would exit our car and orphans would come running because they longed to be loved. He changed me through seeing the exceeding joy of those less fortunate. He changed me by revealing Himself through his children, his earth, and his word. Lastly, He used my fatherless situation to speak life and encouragement to the orphans. He used my story to rewrite others. Now, I continue my journey with my mom as we visit Destiny Orphanage and preach to hundreds these next few days, knowing that God will use both of us to carry the legacy and to glorify God.

In Christ,

Christy Godzich


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