National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Updates on Marital Laws

There is so much going on in the world concerning traditional versus same-sex marriage. At NAME we maintain the Biblical standard that marriage is to be one man and one woman and that homosexual behavior is a sin. Over the years, we have voiced this opinion in the public sector and encouraged others to do the same. We will continue to be a righteous voice on this issue and hope that you will stay informed.

  • ·         This week the Australian senate voted 44-28 against a proposed law that their country would recognize foreign homosexual marriages as valid.
  • ·         In a recent poll by the Huffington Post, 45% of people said that same-sex marriage should not be recognized by the US federal government while 43% said it should.
  • ·         Currently the Supreme Court still has not ruled on the Defense of Marriage Act. This will be deciding if Prop 8 (the California ruling against allowing same-sex marriage in that state) is legal.

Some of this news is positive! Some has still yet to be decided… Please continue to pray for the moral state of this country and the world, and, of course, remember to pray for the expansion of Christianity. Ultimately what is most important is that we want all of these people to experience GOD’s love. Persevere in prayer.

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