National Association of Marriage Enhancement

A Nation Prays

At a time where our nation is need of our prayers more than ever…. NAME was there and present at Arizona’s State Capitol Thursday, May 2nd, praying collectively on the National Day of Prayer for the needs of our nation.  One of the highlighted prayer points was for families.  As grateful as we are for a nation that has set aside a day for prayer, let us not take it for granted and let us not forget that we have to be ever mindful to pray continuously for the needs of our nation.  Whether it be for our government, both local and national, the church who needs to stand strong in a society that promotes acceptance/tolerance over righteousness, education, that is being used as a political tool to saturate our kids with ungodly agendas, the media that has tremendous influence over society through the news and entertainment, or families that need to put God first, live in unity, showing love and overcoming selfishness, these are all vital areas for us to be continually praying about.

We at NAME pray for all of you, your families and ministries to prosper as you continue to look toward God, giving Him all honor and praise through the lives you live.