National Association of Marriage Enhancement

What’s New?

This month we have been working hard on the new design of our website Our newest and most exciting addition to this new website is the NAME community that we have created. This will be a place for discussion boards and forums specifically for Christian marriages! Now it has just got started, so we need YOU to sign up and start getting the posts going! This has the potential to be a wonderful resource for yourself and a way to help others. Please check it out!

 In the month of March, we gained two new NAME centers and eight new registered CMS! The two new NAME centers are Living Hope Church in Little Falls, MN and Iglesia Rio de Paz in Pagosa Springs, CO. We also have many people and churches interested in becoming CMS or a NAME center or are in the testing phase. Please pray for them and please continue to pray for the continued monthly expansion of counseling centers. 

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