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Spice Up Your Marriage with Self-Discipline

Most of us cringe when we hear the term self-discipline. Often we shy away from it because we believe it will restrict spontaneity, carefree living and/or fun. Let’s debunk the myths of a disciplined life, and let’s prove why self-discipline would spice up your marriage!

We have this thought that we would not enjoy life as much if we were more disciplined, but the reality is some of the most disciplined people are the most joyful! Also, if you plan on living a spiritually mature Christian life full of contentment, it will not happen without implementing self-discipline. Want proof? Here are some spiritual habits or exercises not void of discipline: consistently reading the Bible, praying for longer stints of time, fasting, attending church weekly, giving your tithe when you receive your paychecks… need I continue? We all know that some of the most joyful Christians we meet have a very disciplined spiritual life!

Self-discipline also transfers over to self-control (a.k.a. the fruit of the Spirit!). It is difficult to successfully live in peace with your spouse if you are not practicing self-control. Self-control in marriage is holding your tongue, having sex when you are not in the mood, being a responsible steward of your money, stopping inappropriate or lustful thoughts about others, praying with your spouse daily, consulting and heeding your spouse’s opinion as equal to your own… need I continue? These are all habits of very successful marriages.

If you take one thing away from this article, I hope it is this: A life full of good habits and spiritual self-discipline does not regret the time and toil spent getting there. A life that did not put in the effort to discipline or control oneself to make time for what was important has many regrets.