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Date Away Divorce

Men often advise their sons to never stop dating their wife. For young couples, it very common to hear the words of wisdom from those older than them that they need to set aside date nights when they are married. So is this a valid way to a better marriage or just something that people say? The Survey of Marital Generosity (2010-2011) studied this very thing. How important is couple time? Take a look at the research:

Married couples who engaged in private couple time or date nights at least once a week are 3.5 times more likely to describe themselves as being “very happy” in marriage. Also in the study, women who spent less than once a week in specified couple time were 4 times more likely to have divorce, and men were 2.5 times more likely.

Two of the top reasons for divorce are communication problems and sexual problems. Both communication and sexual happiness are reported markedly higher for couples that spend more couple time, compared to those that spend it less than once a week. Husbands and wives are both over three times more likely to be satisfied with their communication level when they set aside time to be together as a couple.  What is also fascinating is that husbands and wives are also three times more likely to be satisfied in their sexual relationship, simply by setting aside a time of non-sexual bonding as a couple.

Couples who clearly spent much less time together when they became parents were two times more likely to have less marital satisfaction. It is clear that date nights are extremely important to new parents in order to keep up the overall happiness in their marriage.

During Valentine season, many couples plan an elaborate affair but skate on by the rest of the year.  It is so important to consistently feed and nourish your marriage through dates and specified couple time. The Bible says, “the man who finds a wife finds a treasure” (Proverbs 18:22, NLT).  God wants you to know that your spouse is your treasure, which means it should be treasured. What better way to treasure something than to devote it with time, energy and care.

This Valentine’s Day make a pledge to give more than chocolates, roses or jewelry but to give something lasting—continual dates and specified couple time to strengthen your bond as a couple.

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