National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Spice Up Your Marriage

Men especially should know that a wife will feel more comforted and protected with her husband (her spiritual leader of the home) if he is open to sharing his spiritual life with her. Men also want to know that their wife is in communication with God so that he may know she is gathering her internal joy from somewhere other than himself.

There comes a problem when people siphon off their spiritual relationship with the Lord and make it separate and secret from their marriage. The devil is looking for anyway to cause division, and when one refuses to let their spouse know that they have been doing Bible reading on break at work, that can become an area of contention. Your personal spiritual relationship with the Lord is necessary and good, but the devil can try to twist it to make it a secret and make your spouse feel insecure about your relationship with the Lord. That is why it is good to occasionally share with your spouse what God is teaching you. It is a blessing to talk about the things of the Lord! Share the verse that ministered to you or explain the theological concept the Lord revealed to you. Obviously, not all things that the Lord shares with your privately should be shared with your spouse (example: the Lord tells you to be gentle with your wife because she is sensitive right now and she may be offended that you called her sensitive).  Use wisdom. Remember talking about the things of the Lord should never be a belittling process or a power struggle of who is right. Guard your heart from division and share your heart about what God is doing.