National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Newsletter Mobile Community Continued

If you become a part of our mobile community, it is an easy was to send you special announcements. We will not send you more than 4 texts a month (at the most).

We are also launching our mobile giving campaign to protect and defend the definition of marriage. We ask you to keep that in prayer as we try to reach a fresh new group of folks who will support us through “Text to Give”. How that works is people will be asked to text the word “Protect” to 80088 for a $5 donation (that appears on their phone bill later in the month) or text “Defend” to 80088 for a $10 donation.

As you know our society is becoming more and more mobile so it is important to be relevant to their needs. We are hoping and praying that our Mobile Community will grow quickly as people subscribe to get alerts AND that our Text to Give campaign will be a great success.

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