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If you ask any woman I am sure there response would be unanimous, quality time is better than quantity time. For men, this naturally wouldn’t seem to matter as much. Most men tend to think the quality time is in the bedroom. You need to ask your spouse what quality time means to them. For one, it may be the weekly dinner date. For another, it may be the cuddle time on Sunday afternoons. Chances are running errands or sitting separately watching TV are not considered quality time—simply just time spent together. Quality times are the moments that you look back at fondly. Stop a moment and think of a few times that you would have considered of high quality.

Now that we have discussed quality time, are you feeling convicted? You may have looked back at times fondly that were years ago or in the Newlywed stage. If you are feeling convicted, start carving out time again! It doesn’t have to be once a year on anniversaries. It can be nightly around the dinner table! It simply requires being engaged in the moment. You may not be talking, but you may be listening, or holding each other, or laughing at a game. Start focusing on quality time and you will become best friends again!

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