National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Thank You Chick-fil-a

On behalf of the National Association of Marriage Enhancement, we would like to thank Dan Cathy, the Chick-fil-a president, for recently stating his unpopular position supporting traditional marriage.

We at NAME want Chick-fil-a to know that we support them, and contrary to what is going on in much of the media, we believe there are hundreds of thousands of Christians who agree. Nevertheless, although many agree, many would not have had the courage to make a public stance for their beliefs. Dan Cathy, you have inspired many to stand up for Biblical principles. In the last few days, Chick-fil-a has endured so much hatred and judgment, yet they have not wavered. There is no doubt that God takes pride in the leadership of the Chick-fil-a Corporation. They are unwilling to compromise the Godly family values that is so counter-cultural to the wretched society we live in.

We thank you Chick-fil-a. On behalf of NAME and its thousands of followers, we support you.
NAME followers, we will be sending out ways that you can get involved to support Chick-fil-a. In the meantime, put August 1st on your calendar, as it has been declared National Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day. Fellow Christians, head out to your local Chick-fi-la today even, and let them know that we support their business!

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