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Stopping to Smell the Roses

We are a hustling and bustling society. We speed through traffic to go to work, and then run some errands after work, and then we are left with a pile of bills at night. For many, the daily talking time with their spouse may run down to a mere fifteen minutes before bed.

Of course, there are many couples that cannot help their work schedule, and errands and bills must be done. This blog is not about making time that is physically not possible to make, but instead being very intentional about the time that you do have. God made us with a need for rest, and God gave us a spouse to rest with. Rest does not necessarily mean sleep. It means taking a break from your work life to be calm and to enjoy in your life. Rest with your spouse. Talk or cuddle with your best friend. It is amazing what will happen if you slow down and stop to smell the roses right next to you. Enjoy your spouse!

The more you are intentional about the time you do have with your spouse, the less you will feel like a workhorse. After you have spent a long day, working you may not feel like talking to your spouse over dinner. You are probably exhausted, but imagine if you and your spouse started laughing more over dinner. You probably wouldn’t feel as exhausted, and you would feel more rejuvenated by the enjoyment of your spouse’s company. A fun and pleasant spouse can make going to work the next day easier because you know what you are coming home to at night. Martin Luther said it best, “Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let the husband make her sad to see him leave.” We know that not everyone falls into the traditional roles anymore, but the idea rings true. Both spouses need to make the home a place of enjoyment and rejuvenation. Spouses need to rest and have fun with each other in order to love coming home at night.

Stopping and smelling the roses makes you enjoy God’s creation. Stopping to take in the glory of your spouse also makes you enjoy God’s creation. Be intentional with your time!

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