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Cultivating Creativity

We were made in the image of God the Creator. God made us to be creative. He built in all of us a desire to build, make, mold or design. This takes form in different people in different ways. Some people create buildings or computer programs, while some people create music or marketing schemes. Others create and mold children through parenting; while others, create ministries. We were all designed to create! God has given each person special gifts and talents, so that they can use their creativity and in turn feel fulfilled.

What does creativity have to do with marriage? If you are not employing your gifts and exercising your talents, you will feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied. An unsatisfied spouse spreads their unhappiness throughout their house. When a husband or wife is not happy with his or her own life or their own accomplishments, they may resort to attacking their spouse about theirs. Boredom can breed contempt. When a spouse is unsatisfied, it manifests itself in a lack of patience, an increased frustration and a quickened temper.

Many couples who get into their later years in life tend to start arguing more or dissatisfied more because they are not happy with their own lack of creation. They may feel as though they have stopped being productive members of society. This ought not be so! In many ways those who are older in life have the most to give! They have so much wisdom and can spiritually guide those who are younger and pour into their grandchildren. It doesn’t matter what point of life you are in; you can always use the abilities God has given you to create something beautiful.

Evaluate your own life. Are you allowing your halt of creativity to manifest into dissatisfaction in your marriage? Do you need to evaluate your spiritual gifts and talents to find where God wants you to be?  Should you apologize to your spouse by the way you have been acting because of the un-fulfillment in your own life? Ask your spouse how you can greater encourage them to utilize their gifts. Share with your spouse how they can help you use your gifts.

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