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Start Talkin’

It is amazing how many fights break out over un-communicated daily schedules and how deeply hurt one spouse can feel because the other spouse was not “thoughtful” enough to pick up the kids, make dinner, etc. In order to avoid a possible inevitable blow up over clashing schedules, it is much easier to sit down and talk about it the night before. Maybe as you have gotten older you have forgotten to make that extra time to sit down because you are not sharing one car anymore or you both have so much going on separately. All the more reason to sit down and make time to just learn about what each other does in the day. Continue to get to know your spouse!

Communicating daily schedules also builds trust. Sadly, many people and couples have experienced an affair. You may be a couple rebuilding after an affair or maybe you married someone who had prior been cheated on. It is important to reaffirm that trust. Communicate what you are doing and when you are doing it. Building back the trust isn’t easy, but without communication, there is a lot left up to interpretation or second-guessing. Communicating your schedule is a simple way to get back on the same page and make sure all of the holes are accounted for.

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