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“You Don’t Complete Me”… Now That’s True Romance

“You complete me” is the famous line from the Jerry Maguire movie that is quoted by romantics all over. Actually, that line is incredibly UN-romantic. Completion should not be the goal of our marriage. One should have their identity in Christ, being whole and satisfied in Him. Multiplication should be the goal of our marriage.

Imagine the power of two whole people who serve God together. Now, imagine the power of two fractionalized people who serve God together. Which couple do you believe has more spiritual power and fewer problems? The first one. God blesses couples who individually find their worth and value in Him but then join together to serve Him. Not only does God bless them, but their marriage is more easily grown because one spouse is not relying on the other to pull them up out of their pit. In marriage, there will always be times that we help each other, but never should the reliance on each other supersede our reliance on God. God blesses those who turn to Him for help and guidance. Two whole people in Christ know this, and as a result when a marital problem arises, they turn to Him together!

True romance wants the best for the other person. True love wants the object of its love to thrive! True wisdom knows that a fallen human cannot complete another person—only true completion comes from God. If you have had the attitude that your husband/wife is there to complete you, repent to God and ask for Him to complete the areas that you are lacking in. Your spouse should not take on the full responsibility of your self-image, but Christ can… and He wants to! Give your spouse a break, and give God what He wants—your identity in Him.

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