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Are You Driving Him to the Roof?

How do women create a more welcoming environment inside the home?

Proverbs 21:9 “Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a home with a quarrelsome wife.”

Disclaimer: This verse is NOT saying, “Men, leave your quarrelsome wife.”

This verse IS saying that men do not want to live with an argumentative wife. This proverb is a wise instruction to the wives to make their home a place that is inviting, safe, and most of all respectful.

Obviously, it is impossible to have a marriage without the occasional argument, but what you should strive for is to disagree agreeably. The difference between an argument and a disagreement is the nature of the disagreement. One can disagree without arguing. Arguing is rude, coarse, and disrespectful. How often are you spurring arguments in your own home?

What about husbands?

The Bible doesn’t mention husbands here but focuses on the wives. Yes, husbands need to be gentle and kind, but wives need to be more respectful. It is in the fleshly nature of a woman to come against her husband—even if it’s a blown up argument about what to watch on TV. You may disagree on what to watch on TV, but when you create an argument over it the man feels disrespected, and thus, less loved.

Men receive love differently then women. Respect is highly valued and extremely important to them. If a husband is not being respected by his wife, he doubts the wife’s true affections. A woman who coarsely and rudely argues with him disrespects him and tears him down.

Women, don’t tear your husband down, so as to tear your home apart. Welcome him in; work on being a more agreeable and respectful person, so that he can see how much you value, respect, and ultimately love him.

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