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PUSH Through The Pain!

Because of the sin that Adam and Eve brought into the world, God decided there would be pangs during childbirth. Childbirth is a beautiful and magnificent thing, but labor is a grueling and difficult process! The following excerpt is from the series “Love When it Hurts” by Leo Godzich:

“Pain is the canal that life comes through… The pain is not the object.  If a woman stops and dwells on her pain, she’ll never give birth.  She’ll never have that joy.  She’ll never have that new life.  She’ll never have that culmination of all the burden she’s been bearing.  But that canal is pain.  The pain that’s in that canal, that’s the place where life comes through and it’s up to the woman to not dwell on that pain but accept that pain and work her way through it.”

The Bible uses the birthing analogy many times throughout the Bible to say, “NEVER GIVE UP!” Everyone is in a different spot in the marriage. Some may feel at their peak, and some may feel at their lowest, but God has all of us approach the low points because it grows us and matures us. No pain, no gain! Even if you do not see the relief for your marriage approaching in the near future, know that God may also be working on your spiritually. He may be challenging you to stay firm to your promise to Him (the covenant of marriage) even though it seems so difficult.

PUSH through the pain. Don’t focus on the present state of the pain; focus on the future possibility of what God can make of the situation. God will grow you through instances of pain, if you cooperate with Him by giving Him your all.

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