National Association of Marriage Enhancement

A Word From Molly Godzich

I would like to begin by saying thank you! My heart is filled with overwhelming gratitude and appreciation for the outpouring of love and support expressed toward my family, as well as the ministry of NAME. Untold numbers of people; including friends, pastors and churches, political leaders, and a vast number of couples and families impacted by our ministry have communicated a sincere desire to support me and my precious girls. I realize there is a genuine concern for the future of my family and NAME weighing in the hearts and minds of many. The question that so many have voiced, “How’s Molly and what’s next for NAME?” I want you to know that God is at work beyond what we are able to understand at this present time.

First, I have taken time to process the loss of Leo and will continue to walk through this process in the months to come learning my new life.  I want to thank you for your prayers, as well as the selfless efforts of my staff and the ministry board of NAME to ensure that our ministry operations continue with momentum. Second, I have determined to lead NAME with great passion, and honestly, I expect that the greatest days of this ministry are ahead. Throughout the next several weeks, I will present the steps that we will be taking at NAME to ensure that the vision of godly healthy marriages and families advances in this country and throughout the nations of the world. In the following days I would request that you stay connected to our ministry through prayer, by making a frequent visit to our website, becoming our friend on the NAME Marriage Network facebook page, and perhaps considering financial monthly partnership with NAME.  The impact of Leo’s life has literally sent a ripple around the world and I believe his legacy will continue with tremendous fervor and favor. Again, thank you, and I look forward to what God has prepared for our future…


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