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Sporting Marriage Sadness

Golfing great Greg Norman and tennis icon Chris Evert are separating after just 15 months of a second marriage for each. When marrying each other after leaving long time marriages, they boldly declared themselves as soul mates that would be in this marriage for the long haul. Apparently, it has been a short trip with news reports pointing to various stressors on the new marriage, such as unco-operative stepchildren. Can you imagine that? Could anyone have anticipated this? Once again, proficiency and achievement in sports, arts or business is not an indicator of relational capability.
But why is no one pointing out that relationships birthed in sinful betrayal of marriage covenants almost never last? It has become so politically incorrect to “judge” someone’s relationship with another that society continues to send the not-so-subtle message to young people that is permissible to bail on the lifelong vows of covenant. Perhaps golfers need to know that the grass is not greener in the next fairway, and tennis players ought to take note that they need to serve in their own court.
Of course, I have no first hand knowledge of the situation, and my heart goes out to them, but I do hope that they realize they have perhaps “dealt treacherously with the spouse of their youth.” Lord, please send a true spiritual revival to those who have the attention of masses of people!

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