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Marriage is Under Attack All Over

All over the world marriage is under attack. No country, no people group, no community is immune to the attacks on marriage.
Yet most people view the attacks so personally because marriage is so personal. In the spiritual sense, however, every marriage is under attack because it is so foundational—marriage is the first institution that God created.
And the enemy would like to hurt God, fully knowing that one of the ways to get to a father is to get to his children. Since marriage is the first institution, and it is the picture of Christ and His bride, the church, it ought to be a foregone conclusion that the enemy of God’‘s will for your life wants you to be embittered toward marriage anyway. 
And if marriage is the laboratory of agreement, and agreement is the place of power, then it also makes sense to think that division leaks power. Interestingly, in the eight different nations I have spoken in this year, they each have cultural nuances but big differences are largely the dsm

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