National Association of Marriage Enhancement

14 Jul

The 5 No-Nonsense Keys to Marital Reconciliation

If you are in need of marital reconciliation, there are probably many factors that got you to this point. Most crises don’t happen overnight. In the same way, reconciliation doesn’t tend to happen overnight; it requires work and dedication. There are many key factors that influence reconciliation, and many of these are counter-cultural to what […]


23 Jun

How to Avoid Friendly Fire in Marriage

Some of the most heartbreaking war stories are those of death by friendly fire. Friendly fire is a military term for when two allied or same-side forces misidentify one another as hostile or the enemy and fire— often wounding or killing a friendly officer. Imagine the devastation a soldier feels when he realized he injured […]


2 Jun

Dear NAME,

Dear NAME, When my husband and I got married, he thought he was marrying into a great family, but almost as if a switch had flipped, two months later, my family drama exploded. Ever since, it has been miserably messy. My parents are divorcing. My sister got pregnant and moved in with her non-Christian boyfriend […]


6 May


Dear NAME, Lately, I have been having a tough time respecting my husband spiritually. I want a man who prays and goes to church with me. He says he is a Christian yet he never cares to engage with me on a spiritual level. I am getting really exhausted by this. I want to throw […]


21 Apr

Is God Your Intern?

Most internships are full of tedious work or errand running. Rarely does a company ever take advantage of the skills that that a young individual might bring to the table. If you are the boss or manager, the intern is there to assist you at any given moment. If you are a lower level employee, […]


7 Apr

You are the Donkey – a Palm Sunday Devotional

Palm Sunday is next week. Palm Sunday is a day we Christians commemorate as we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem during this Easter season.  Before Jesus entered the city, he told his disciples, “go into the village in front of you, and immediately you will find a donkey tied, and a colt with her. […]


27 Mar

5 Things Going to Church Does for Your Marriage

Our modern individualistic society often does not put church attendance into our priority list. Many people have believed the misconception that you can live a very blessed Christian life without going to church. Church has become a nice addition to Christian living rather than a staple of a Christian’s week. The Bible says, “Let us […]


17 Mar

Marriage Reality Shows & the Reality of the Christian Life

I recently watched a commercial for the TV show, Marriage Boot Camp.  The mission of the show was stated plainly: “Our goal is to rip your marriage apart, find the problem and give you the tools that you need.” In the two-minute commercial, there were tons of bleeped out curse words, furniture turned over, and […]


11 Feb

Consistent Sex

Consistent sex is great sex! Why? Intimacy does not naturally spring about. It requires constant attention and care. Naturally our flesh tries to divide us from one another. The more space you allow in your marriage, the bigger the chasm can grow. That’s why you should make efforts to minimize that chasm by consistently coming […]


13 Jan


February 7-14 is National Marriage Week. This is the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. More and more in recent years, society has been trying to throw off traditional “constraints,” toting ideas that love cannot be defined or restrained. Marriage is seen as unfavorable to a portion of society and cohabitation seems to be on […]