National Association of Marriage Enhancement

6 Dec


At Christmas time, we have bought into the consumer mentality. It is what we get each other that make us happy. All over the Internet you can find lists suggesting gifts for your wife. There is nothing wrong with these lists; they often help men who are not naturally talented in the gift-giving department. However, […]


6 May

Mother’s Day; Come On Men, Time to Man Up

Alright men, it is that time of year again. Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Chances are that unless you have grown children who are in charge of taking care of mother’s day themselves, then it is your time to shine! Hallmark and commercials would love you to believe it is the seven year […]


31 Jan

February: The Love Month & The Divorce Month

It takes no convincing why February would be known as the love month. Valentines Day creates a buzz and excitement that millions of Americans take part in. Many celebrate it all month long, but did you know that last year a study reported requests for divorce lawyers are 40% higher in February than the six […]


14 Jan

Better Spouse Challenge of 2013

Life is but a vapor. Another year is gone. If you are not careful, so much time can quickly pass that you forget to spend any of that time on your marriage. Be intentional this year. We talk about resolutions this time of year. Technically, we should be committing to change and growth all year […]


20 Dec

3 Marriage Lessons from the Christmas Story

There is so much depth in the Bible and in the Nativity story. There are truths within truths in many places, and if, occasionally, the reader shifts perspectives while reading the Holy Spirit may reveal these deep truths in unexpected places. Today, we would like you to look at the story of Christmas from the […]


29 Nov

The 15 Happy Home Tips of Christmas

1. Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season. Don’t lose perspective of that. We suggest creating a family tradition of reading the Nativity story from the Bible. Traditions rooted in our Christian faith unite and bond us together as family and with the Lord. 2. If you are a newlywed or in a new […]