National Association of Marriage Enhancement

25 Jun

10 Things to Stop Controlling in Your Spouse

Are you a control freak? Do you love micro-managing your spouse? Some of us have a tendency to sin this way. Yes, I did say sin! God did not put you in your marriage to force or control the other person into a “better way” of living life. There is a big difference between being […]


2 Jun

Dear NAME,

Dear NAME, When my husband and I got married, he thought he was marrying into a great family, but almost as if a switch had flipped, two months later, my family drama exploded. Ever since, it has been miserably messy. My parents are divorcing. My sister got pregnant and moved in with her non-Christian boyfriend […]


5 May

6 Ways to Revolutionize Your Sex Life

Sex is extremely important to your marriage. The Bible even says so! “Do not deprive one another [husband and wife], except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer [often interpreted as fasting]; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack […]


21 Apr

Is God Your Intern?

Most internships are full of tedious work or errand running. Rarely does a company ever take advantage of the skills that that a young individual might bring to the table. If you are the boss or manager, the intern is there to assist you at any given moment. If you are a lower level employee, […]