National Association of Marriage Enhancement

Restoring Marriages

IMC CrowdNAME believes that not only is every marriage worth restoring, but every marriage can be restored. However, the success of marital restoration necessitates several different facets.  Of course surrendering to the Lord would be the first step, but there are other measures that can be implemented to ensure that you are taking the most effective approach for the healing of marriages.

The strategy that NAME has developed for churches is called the “safety net” concept. This is where various forms of marriage ministry are set up to meet the individual needs of couples and protect marriages from slipping through the cracks.

Sunday School or another form of Bible study provides meeting together for biblical teaching and challenging each other to grow in Christ.

Small groups meet in homes to help minister to couples’ needs on a more casual basis with a personal approach.

NAME Centers provide biblical, couple-to-couple counseling.

Together Forever marriage events are conducted all over the world to help strengthen and restore marriages.

International Marriage Conference (IMC) is our exciting, annual conference hosting some of today’s most influential Christian speakers from around the world who specifically minister to marriages.

> Our Resource Library is filled with unique and original books, tapes, CDs, DVDs and videos.  Some of our resources are also offered in Spanish.  We are continuing our efforts to expand our materials in various language translations.

Pastors’ Rescue is our highly confidential ministry reserved for pastors and church leaders who are struggling in their marriages.
Getting and staying involved in several aspects of the “safety net” ensures a Christ-centered covering over your marriage.