National Association of Marriage Enhancement

24 Sep


When you go through the storms of life, where are your eyes focused? Are your eyes fixed on the beauty of the fresh grass and flowers that will bloom after the rain? Or the endurance that grows when heavy winds blow? Or are you only fixed on the fear of the lightning and thunder, the […]


3 Sep

To: The Crushed and Overwhelmed

The word of God is so powerful. Gods living words breathed on me when I was in my prayer closet after finding out that my husband was unfaithful to me. My heart was shattered. This wasn’t the first time my heart had been broken by the one who vowed to hold and cherish me. Similar […]


27 Aug

Winter Roots

Did you know that even in winter trees are growing? I had no idea until God started to speak to me about my spiritual life in relation to how trees grow. We all know that in the spring trees are growing, we know this because we can see the beautiful little buds flowering on the […]


13 Aug

Through The Fire …

  Marriage is an amazing union that most of us did not think would take so much work! Not only the marriage part but family, work, and health all play a part in our lives. God spoke to me about fire seasons recently and I wanted to share some of the key points that He […]


6 Aug


Many times in life we go through trials that feel as though they will never end. We wait in anticipation for that day when we can finally say, “that WAS a valley”. Marriage troubles can be this way as well. We may feel as though we know our spouse very well and sometimes we even […]


27 Jul

Ashley Madison & The Hidden Online World

You may have heard in recent news about the Ashley Madison hack. Ashley Madison is an online dating site created specifically with the intent for married individuals to find a partner to have an affair with. Their slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.” This is clearly a despicable company. It turns out others felt […]


14 May

Family is not Enough, Family is Not Everything

Family is not everything. It is an unpopular message, but it is truth. God first created the family unit. In the Garden, God sanctioned the first marriage and then asked them to multiply and have children. Family is close to the heart of God, and it was priority for him to introduce it first to […]


6 Apr

Cell Phones: Intimacy Killer or Relational Blessing?

Smart phones have now been a part of our normal lives for a long time now. If you don’t have one, you are in the minority. Those of us who do have them know how incredibly addictive they can be. It often feels like an extra body part, an extension of ourselves. We also know […]


21 Jan

4 Times to Hit the Pause Button in Marriage

Do you remember the movie Click with Adam Sandler? The premise was that Sandler’s character was given a remote control that could rewind, pause, fast forward, and control his life. Despite the corniness, there were some great messages about living in the moment with your spouse and family. While we don’t have a magic remote […]


11 Nov

6 Building Blocks of a Great Family

“How to have a great family” – it is a Christian topic that we wrestle with all the time. Everyone knows that family is close to the heart of God, family is important and all Christians should treat their family like a ministry. Satan knows this too, which is why he tries to divide our […]